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We believe every home is unique and we go out of our way to craft Window and Door Systems to make your home safer, more secure and beautiful.

The story of Sapphire Windows began in 1989 when our founder, Jeffrey Liew, noticed the exceptional build quality of the windows in Europe while studying abroad. He decided from that experience that he would design his own home with windows that provided the same security, heat and sound insulation. That decision led him to partner with world-leading uPVC maker, Deceuninck who supplied him with a window system that exceeded all his expectations. This sparked the vision in him of bettering the lives of every future homeowner.

Today, Sapphire Windows is a leading window and door system specialist, renowned for its quality, workmanship and customer service. Driven by the company’s motto “Do it Once, Do it Proud”, we offer both innovative and timeless design solutions for every home.

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Country: Singapore
Address: Singapore, Singapore

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