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A focal point of the University, the University Cultural Centre is a landmark that adds distinction to the varied architecture of the University. A variety of spaces provides vibrant venues for high-quality events that reflect both the interests of the University and the best in international arts and entertainment. With comprehensive facilities and quality professional services, the University Cultural Centre has proudly hosted campus communities, Nobel laureates and foreign dignitaries, as well as performances by professional and non-professional Singaporean arts companies and international artistes.

Equipped with acoustic shelling, the Hall comprises a series of convex surfaces to scatter the acoustic energy and avoid concentrated focal points of sound within the room in order to achieve optimum acoustic performance. It is also equipped with a fly tower consisting of 65 units of fly sets which are a combination of manual counter-weight fly sets and motorised fly sets. It is a modified horse-shoe design with stalls parterre and two circle levels.

1. The Hall

The Hall is a venue for orchestra performances, concerts, opera, dance and musicals. Its space can also be used for multimedia presentation, seminars and convocation ceremonies.
Technical Specifications
It is possible to accommodate up to maximum of 1710 seats including seating at sound cockpit (34 seats) and orchestra pit (69 seats). Reconfiguration charges apply.
All seat configurations are inclusive of 10 wheelchair spaces.
The floor is completely made of wood, solidly embedded on concrete.
Proscenium is 15.9m (width) by 11.5m (height). Performance area is 14m (width) by 13.4m (depth).
An orchestra of 90 musicians can be housed on the hall stage with its forestage extension.
Comprehensive lighting equipment and sound system. Details available upon request.
Backstage Facilities
16 Dressing Rooms with capacity ranging from 3 – 20 persons (across 3 levels)
Three dressing rooms with ensuite at S$100 per day per room
Hall Green Room
All levels have common male and female toilets (All rooms with washbasin attached, unless otherwise stated).

2. The Theatre

The Theatre, which seats up to 425, is a cosy venue for both artists and audiences. Fully retractable seating and lighting bars encourage innovative staging configurations, allowing the artist to manipulate performances in a versatile and flexible space.

The more intimate construction of the theatre facilitates a greater degree of resonance within the space to the considerable benefit of performances involving un-amplified speech and music. This makes the Theatre perfect for smaller scale events that require closeness and interaction between performers and the audience.
Technical Specifications
With the seats retracted, the stalls can be readily adapted to a flat floor so that the auditorium and stage sit on the same plane making it a flat space.
Maximum seating includes six wheelchair spaces on the stalls level
An orchestra of 80 musicians can be housed on stage. With its forestage extended (using elevator 1&2), it is possible to accommodate up to a 100-piece orchestra.
The stage and auditorium floors are of the same wooden flooring giving an even finish to the flat floor arrangement.
Proscenium is 11.15m (width) by 7m (height). Performance area is 11.5m (width) by 11m (depth).
The smaller room size allows for more sound resonance within the space, which is ideal for un-amplified speech and music.
Comprehensive lighting equipment and sound system. Details available upon request.
Backstage Facilities
Six dressing rooms with capacity ranging from 6-8 persons available across two levels
Two dressing rooms with ensuite at S$100 per day per room
Pantry area
All levels have common male and female toilets (All rooms with washbasin attached, unless otherwise stated).

3. Dance Studio

Measuring 26m by 15m, the Dance Studio is designed and equipped to facilitate dance rehearsals. Featuring sprung timber flooring layered with Jumbo dance mats covering an area of 24m x 15m, the draw of the Dance Studio as a rehearsal space is that its size is comparable to that of the Hall stage, facilitating full scale rehearsals for major Hall productions. The large size also means that the space is easily converted for use as a rehearsal space for other presentations such as drama and music.The space is equipped with built-in ceiling speakers.

Besides performance venues, the University Cultural Centre also provides comfortable spaces that support events in our main performance venues. These may be configured for a variety of uses including meetings, exhibitions, presentations, catering receptions, and light entertainment.
Function Rooms
We have two function rooms, Function Room 1 (109m2) and Function Room 2 (119m2). Equipped with mirrors, sound-proofing materials and flooring, they aresuitable for meetings, presentations and dance or drama rehearsals. A theatre seating set-up can accommodate by to 50 persons. By default, the rooms are empty with no seating configuration
VIP Lounge
The VIP Lounge is a premium space suitable as a VIP holding or reception area. It is furnished with sofas and armchairs as well as two attached restrooms. It seats 12 people.
The Foyer spaces outside our performance venues provide spacious areas to host your guests with catering and light entertainment. By day, the glass facade of the Centre allows the atrium style foyers to benefit from a stream of natural daylight. By night, light cast from its interiors welcomes audiences to the shows.

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