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About Lasalle McNally Campus

Located within the city, the McNally campus is perfect for various performances, exhibitions, corporate events and product launches.

Our award-winning campus houses three major fully-equipped performance spaces – The Singapore Airlines Theatre, Flexible Performance Space and Creative Cube – as well as rehearsal rooms, dance studios, lecture theatres and classroom pods. Also available for hire are the outdoor spaces such as the Campus Green and Amphitheatre.

1. Singapore Airlines Theatre


The Singapore Airlines Theatre, which seats 480, is a venue for major public performances of theatre, music and dance. The stage comes with an orchestra pit which can accommodate up to 25 musicians, full scenery flying facilities, latest lighting and sound equipment, dressing rooms and fully-equipped workshops for scenery, props and costume construction.

Location: Basement 1


- Total 480 seats (303 Stall and 177 Circle).
- Black painted Weathertex (similar to tempered Masonite) stage floor
- Stage active performance dimensions are 11m by 10m

2. Flexible Performance Space


This space has a flexible seating system for up to 150 people, which can be easily moved or removed totally to allow the entire space to be adapted to the artistic elements of a production. The lighting and sound facilities make it suitable for experimental performances and events.

Location: Block F Level 1 #F102

- Total 150 seats
- Black painted tempered Masonite stage floor
- Room dimensions are 17m by 23m

3. The Creative Cube


Creative Cube is the perfect stage for theatre performances and multimedia events. It is the first black box theatre in Singapore with flexible “in-the-round” seating for up to 90 people.

Location: Block C Level 1 #C101

- Total 90 seats
- Black painted tempered Masonite stage floor
- Room dimensions are 15m by 13m

4. Lecture Theatre


The Lecture Theatres are most suited for hosting screenings, seminars, or workshops.

Location: Block F Level 2 #F201/2

- Maximum capacity of 97 seats
- Rental includes the use of the sound system rack and LCD projector with screen

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Country: Singapore

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