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Stanley Tan is an experienced management consultant with more than twenty (20) years of manufacturing, consulting, marketing, training and entrepreneurial experience. He is an internet expert who has done extensive research on internet business and internet marketing. Stanley is experienced in utilizing the internet and social media intensely in his business, work and research.
He is aptly qualified with an engineering degree from NUS and a MBA degree (with a concentration in Marketing) from the San Francisco State University.
Stanley had previously worked for Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley and for Deloitte & Touche and KPMG. At KPMG, he started the Elearning Practice and headed the Practice as the Managing Consultant. He developed strong relationships with leading content partners in USA and Australia and introduced elearning content from management guru such as Peter Drucker and marketing guru such as Philip Kotler to the Singapore market.
Over the years, he has advised CEOs and senior management of MNCs and SMEs on various matters, including the use of social media, talent acquisition and management and strategic investments.
Stanley has many years of training experience, having done training at Informatics, Singapore Hewlett Packard Alumni, Plastics and Rubber Institute of Singapore, Singapore Manufacturers� Association, NTU Alumni and various institutes, polytechnics and trade associations. In addition, Stanley has also delivered talks on executive search, talent acquisition and talent management at various associations and institutions.
Stanley has done extensive research on this topic and this seminar is based on his research findings.

What Stanley Tan am looking for :

Someone who is passionate about their life, their work

What Stanley Tan can provide :

Provide creative idea , strategies and techniques

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