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General Temp job description

General Temp

In the context of jobs, Temp is an abbreviation for temporary.

A temp worker is a someone who is needed and hired temporarily to fill in a vacant position. He fills the vacancy for a permanent staff who is on maternity leave, medical leave, vacation or other reasons of absence.

Temps can often find a wide variety of jobs in numerous fields.


Temp jobs exposes you to diverse work environments to pick up valuable experience. A temp agency will choose applicants who have the skillset required by a client plus relevant work experience.

Variety & Flexibility
For those who can’t dislike doing the same routine work day in and day out, flexibility is one of the top benefits of temp jobs. Working hours are likely to be adjustable. You can shop and change jobs, meet new people and not get stuck in the same company for umpteen years.

Conversion to Permanent Employment
One unique advantage of temp work is the possibility it can lead to something long-term or permanent. If management likes you and your work skills, they might offer you a permanent job within the company. If you achieve a reputation for performing a good job during temping, the company already will know you are a hardworking and efficient person and might hire you.

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