Despatcher job description

Despatchers (Couriers) are professionals who deliver packages from one location to another. They are often employed by private delivery companies, but some work independently. Most despatchers work full time, and many are expected to work extended hours during the holiday season. Becoming a despatcher is a great idea for anyone interested in driving long hours and providing excellent customer service to package recipients. Despatchers are usually classified as entry-level employees.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

# Load and Unload Cargo

Despatchers are typically responsible for loading and unloading cargo on their own. This means they should have knowledge of safe lifting techniques. Despatchers may work in pairs when delivering particularly heavy or bulky items.

# Deliver Packages

The ultimate goal of a despatcher is to deliver packages to a specified destination within a certain time frame. These packages must arrive undamaged and in the condition they were loaded in. If there is a problem with a package, the despatcher relays the details to their employer and works to resolve the issue in a professional manner.

# Accept Payments

Despatchers often accept payment for packages or delivery fees upon arrival. They do this using a mobile credit card processor, and it is their job to keep track of any payments made for packages. Payment records are usually kept in an electronic database.

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