Packers (Sorters)

Packers (Sorters) job description

Typical Duties & Responsibilities:

# Mark and label containers, container tags, or products, using marking tools.

# Measure, weigh, and count products and materials. 

# Examine and inspect containers, materials, and products in order to ensure that packing specifications are met.

# Record product, packaging, and order information on specified forms and records.

# Remove completed or defective products or materials, placing them on moving equipment such as conveyors or in specified areas such as loading docks.

# Seal containers or materials, using glues, fasteners, nails, and hand tools.

# Load materials and products into package processing equipment.

# Assemble, line, and pad cartons, crates, and containers, using hand tools.

# Clean containers, materials, supplies, or work areas, using cleaning solutions and hand tools.

# Transport packages to customers' vehicles.

# Place or pour products or materials into containers, using hand tools and equipment, or fill containers from spouts or chutes.

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