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Adam Halal (S) Private Limited is a 100% Muslim-owned company and its establishment in the provision and distribution of Halal meat in Singapore started in 1986.

With its humble beginnings as a small butchery, Adam Halal (S) Pte Ltd has grown to be one of the leading quality Halal meat distributors in the region today. We strive to achieve greater business prospects both locally and internationally in the years to come. It is for this reason that we have invested a tremendous amount of resources to ensure that our meat and poultry supplies are delivered to us in a temperate controlled environment.

This is to ensure that our products are in an uninterrupted cold supply chain and remain fresh. Most of our meat comes from major meat exporting countries such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. Over the years, our clientele has grown and our business has expanded to not only the distribution of meat cuts, we have also embarked on providing cold storage space for clients.

The convenience of home delivery is one thing, but the freshness of our premium grade meats is what sets us apart from other butchers. All home delivered meats are cut and packed to order, delivered at a time that suits you.

Our experienced local butchers are accountable to bring you only the best cuts of meat. We prepare and pack your orders with a touch of respect to show we care. You can expect to receive inspiring, mouth-watering, five-star restaurant quality cuts that keep you coming back.

Adam Halal Location

Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Address: 1 Kaki Bikit Road 1, #03-45/46, Enterprise One, 415934

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