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The Meat Up Premium Meat Butchery is a full-service, halal butchery in the heartland of Tampines New Town.

The butchery was founded by Mr Cantarella Cesare, a veteran Italian chef with more than 20 years of experience in the Singapore F&B industry. Cesare acquired excellent skills of butchering and meat crafting during his early apprentice years in Italy during the late 80’s. He is always happy to share his expertise in cooking and meat preparation.

We provide the finest chilled halal dry aged meat at great prices for all to enjoy! We dry age our meat in our in store walk-in chiller. This ensures that the meat you buy from us is always fresh and of the utmost quality. There’s no compromise on food safety.

Apart from fresh meat, we also offer a selection of roasts, all lovingly prepared beforehand and ready for your oven. Get spoilt for choice with our wide selection of marinated meats, poultry, house-made sausages – all using imported Italian herbs & spices. Or let us guide you to choose a flavour from our own range of marinade & seasoning for your meat. Get the best out of your meat without getting your hands dirty!

We also carry:

Imported Dry Food & Italian condiments from Italy and Europe.
Italian herbs & spices
Olive oils
Truffles & truffle Oils
Premium dry pasta
Italian cheeses
French dairy products & more to come!

The Meat Up Premium Meat Butchery strives to be Singapore No. 1 halal certified premium dry aged meat producer and supplier. We want to build a good reputation and earn the trust of our customers by keeping a high standard of quality and consistently delivering on our promises. We are always honest, open and willing to work with our customers.


First and foremost, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy a good quality piece of meat, without burning a hole in the pocket!

We want to provide high quality and remarkable meat products with the highest food safety standards to suit everyone’s needs at a competitive price.


Uphold our commitments to our suppliers, customers and staff.
Conduct business in an honest, professional and ethical manner.
Build trust by being open and sharing our knowledge.

Highest quality products, expertise and service.
Maintain a high level of consistency in our product and service delivery.
Ensure a highest standard approach to food safety and quality.

Treat each other with respect, professionalism and dignity.
Work as a team.
A supportive work environment that cultivates and encourage the sharing of ideas, skills and resources.

Respect and committed to resolve any issues when it arises.
Pay attention and be sensitive to the needs of our customers.
Create value by maintaining an edge through quality standards and pricing.

The Meat Up Butchery Location

Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Address: 138 Tampines Street 11 #01-142 Singapore 521138

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