TeamBuilding Trainers

TeamBuilding Trainers job description

Team Building trainers makes use of 3 overlapping, but different roles. Each role stated below keeps the learning and team building activity meaningful, self-reflective, team-reflective, as well as fun!
The roles of team building trainers are best summarized as follows:

If the client only wants to conduct activities for Team bonding or activity conduction, the person appointed is known as Consultant or Team Building Trainer. In this role, he establishes and keeps communication with the client, jointly evaluates the client’s company situation, draws information, designs effective programs, serves as friend and adviser to the main client contact.

Outbound Trainer:
If client needs to alter the perception of participants to particular thing, the person appointed is known as Outbound Trainer. He works on activity conduction and small debrief after the activity. In this role, he sets the nature of the training, then connects, educates and extemporizes as he orchestrates and provides the content through a series of activities and simplified group discussion.

If client wishes to change outlook, motives and habits of participants, then the facilitator is appointed. The facilitator works on the activity conduction and deep debrief after the activity. In this role, he leads the debriefings [processing], engaging and stimulating participants to dig for profound meaning, settling disagreements and pushing for ever-greater transparency and understanding.

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