Connexions Bussiness Support LLP

About Connexions Bussiness Support LLP
We know how difficult it is to start up a new business. The many due process, the online applications, different government agencies for the myriad of licences. To register for GST or not to register. What grants are there available for my business. How do I keep track of my expenses and how to prepare my accounts. Employment requirements, CPF payments, Skills development levies, hiring of foreign workers. All these questions makes it daunting to start out. We want to make it easy. All the answers to all your questions. We want to take care of the accounting, compliance and tax matters for you, so that you can concentrate on running your business. Let us advise you on what tax benefits you are eligible for, what are the grants that is made available for your type of business, what are the employment and training grants available to you. Down to the basics of what form of company should you register for and should you register for GST. We don’t just prepare the accounts for you, or just perform the annual filing for you, we want to be part of your business. To advise and for you to consult. We are a team of qualified accountants backed by many years of experience to assist and support you.