Donelle Kaylen Asia Pacific

About Donelle Kaylen Asia Pacific
Asia, with almost 4 billion people and more than 60% of the world’s current population, offers vast opportunities for any companies planning to tap on the business potential. China and the Asian ‘tiger economies’ of Malaysia, The Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore have attracted many multi-national companies to set up offices in Asia. To be successful, Western companies must learn to manage the diversity of the complex Asian cultures as each country has its own culture, language, business philosophy, beliefs and history. When addressing the Chinese markets in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the company must be mindful that the markets differ in the use of the Chinese text (simplified & traditional), romanized Chinese “pinyin”, terminology/jargon and sentence structures. At Donelle Kaylen Asia Pacific, we pride ourselves for thinking and acting “local”. With over 18 years of field experience in the region, we are able provide you with the necessary knowledge, experience and support you need to be successful in Asia. We provide the following services: Marketing: Strategy, Branding, Consumer Behaviour Management Communication Public / Media relations Crisis Management Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Project Management Channel Management Event Management Budget Management Corporate & Executive Training