de’POWERinU Management Consultants

About de’POWERinU Management Consultants
In March 2008, de’POWERinU (DPU) was born in Singapore. Started by two partners, DPU acted as an associate for CEGOS UK, a leading professional training provider in Europe, who was expanding in Asia-Pacific to serve the growing needs of its Europe-based MNC accounts. As an associate, DPU’s sole senior consultant then provided account & project management, as well as, co-facilitation to the roll-out of training programs, ranging from Management Essentials to Commercial Excellence to Solution Selling. Growth Beginning of 2009, DPU added one more partner, who was based in Australia, and signed-up with another principal partner, CEGOS ASIA (based in Shanghai). Our focus with CEGOS ASIA was the newly launched GLOBAL LEARNING BY CEGOS, a suite of fully-blended and complete (pre-assessment, e-modules, face-to-face, post-assessment) training solutions in management, sales, interpersonal and functional areas. Focus On SME Middle of 2009, DPU added one more partner, and launched Taking Care of Business (TCOB). This is our way of empowering the SME sector in Singapore, and in the future, the rest of Asia. TCOB is DPU’s approach to assist local enterprises who commit to embark on and sustain business improvement efforts through training, consulting and other services. Starting with just one key program, TCOB-Finance, a financial analysis training for operations management (renamed “TCOB-Achieve Results”), we now offer TCOB-Customer Service for retail business, TCOB-Strategic HR, and TCOB-Strategic Change. Personal Empowerment Program Empower Mentoring Program was launched in 2009, and has been focused on empowering professionals to form their mission & vision in life, and to manage self, others and challenging situations at the workplace. Today de’POWERinU continues to provide customized training to companies and individuals to help them discover, develop and maximize their skills.