Hoclink Systems & Services

About Hoclink Systems & Services
Hoclink Systems & Services Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1995 to address the growing emphases towards Productivity, Innovation and Organisational Excellence in both the public and private sectors (manufacturing and services). Today, we are established and well positioned to assist organisations to nurture organisation-wide Productivity & Quality Culture and implement well-proven Best Practice Programmes and Excellence Frameworks for achieving better Organisations’ Outcomes (Customer, Financial, Operational and People Results) and sustaining Performance Excellence. What We Do At Hoclink, we provide a comprehensive one-stop approach for organisations to embark on a holistic journey towards business/organisational excellence by improving or refining the organisation’s structure, management systems, processes and behaviours. We deliver our services through the following 3 key service domains: Assessment & Validation, Training & Facilitation and Advisory & Consultancy.