Our Services

Our Core Service is providing customized business solution (also commonly known as ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning) which ranges from small to big enterprises.

We have 2 separate suites of solutions - the Enterprise Suite and Thematic Marketplace Suite.

Enterprise Suite

This is where we help our clients to increase its Sales Revenue from its core products via Digital Marketing & Backroom Automation Solutions.

Thematic Marketplace Suite

This is where we create an exciting growth path for our clients. Our client will enjoy a completely NEW revenue stream without distraction from it’s core business. And the thematic marketplace solution will also further increase his core revenues.

It's a rare opportunity and we urge all businesses to ride on the wave of the digital economy before it gets saturated.

Marketplax.com for Small Enterprise

Marketplax.com for MediumEnterprise

Marketplax.com for Large Enterprise

Our Thematic Marketplaces